Measurement shorthand—symbol or abbreviation

Measurement shorthand—symbol or abbreviation

The book often uses a brief name for units of measurement. This limit can be reduced, for example, “inches” to “inches”, or may be an icon, such as “km” for “miles”.

The abbreviation “in” is used in English only – for example, in Afrikaans, “blood” of the abbreviation used to equate the words of African «Doim». [18] Since “n” and “blood” are abbreviations of the same words, but in many languages ​​they are abbreviations. On the other hand, an icon is defined as “a mark or symbol adopted as a traditional sign of an object, idea or process” [19]. The corresponding reduction is applied by replacing instead of deflation. Since the reduction per kilogram (subway ko or Portuguese ιιλιόμετρο in Greek) is “how much” in both languages, the message does not appear “k” in the expansion of any transfer, “how much” is the symbol as an alternative to, not the limit. It is a logogram of abbreviation.

In the Manual of the International System of Units (C) [20], the word “code” is used consistently to identify abbreviations used to represent different SI units. The manual also specifies how to write units, and the basic rules are:

For example, it is necessary to comply with 1 MW (MW) 1 billion MW (MW).
Interfaces should not be included – for example, “touch” (rounded «Arab Y», which uses the right center point); it is a symbol of “counters, multiplied by a second”, but “ms” – milliseconds.
Periods do not have to follow a character, unless otherwise provided for the proposal (eg, complete cessation at the end of the sentence).
One and multiple versions of an identical character – not all languages ​​use the letter “s” for plural.
Shortcut [edit]
Shortcut abbreviations usually consist of several key parts of words, such as Interpol = Police + International. This is an alternative to a shortcut. Reduced cards are usually written in small letters, sometimes with letters, and always appear from words, not letters. The abbreviations of Portamentius, which combines two words without the need to take all their parts, should be distinguished.

Use [edit]
Shortcuts are not widely used in English. However, the US Navy often use the CT limit, as described below, and some British government departments, such as OFCOM (Office of Communications) and Oftel (Office of Communications) using this program.

In New York, there are different neighborhoods, called CT abbreviations, such as Tribeca (Triangle on Canal Avenue) and Soho (South Houston Avenue). This usage has spread to other US cities, providing Soma San Francisco (South Market), Doe, Denver (Center) and others. New Orleans, Louisiana, often shortened as Nola, while North Virginia is known as Nova.

Languages ​​other than English [edit]
On the other hand, in Germany, they were in the era of the Nazis and the Soviet Union, for example a large number of new bureaucracy. For example, Gestapo is standing on the politics of gahti politics or police of a secret state. Similarly, Leninist organizations such as the Communist International (Communist International), Komsomol (Communist Youth League and Communist Youth League), using abbreviations in Russian. These reductions were negative connotations in some countries [in Orwell Nospeke], although these reductions were used in Germany before the arrival of the Nazis to power, for example, Chubu lshchutzbolizi, still used, for example. Creampinolopolice crepe.

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