Cars 3 Movie Review

Cars 3 Movie Review

Kars 3 Date: A new breed of runner gives lightning fast McQueen (Owen Wilson) tough competition on the track. Now, one of the oldest race cars, Lightning must prove to be still the best rider with the help of a female woman named Cruz Ramirez (Cristella Alonso) positive attitude

Kars 3 Overview: Pixar Films redefined the scope of animated films with amazing stories in the game story, Wall-E, Out, Incredibles and even. But a little of their guilt was as distinct as the privilege of “cars.” With the novelty of the first introduction wearing a thin future, “Cars 2” looked like an exciting money for the studio. In this film, the main focus was on personal background – Mater – without reason, only to make sure that there are enough goods for children to buy in stores. click here to watch this movie

Pixar made a third attempt to understand that large animations are not enough to make a good image – you need characters with soul and heart. It is safe to say that Mather was not of a character, so Pixar turns into Lightning McQueen. I’ve been over 10 years since I first left “cars”, so he had nowhere to see how he was trying again to connect himself with new and faster models. But the journey, in an attempt to find himself, restored the steps of his mentor Doc Hudson (played by the late Paul Newman), drawn long and filled with different moments of drama and humor. This long-term and painful work is likely to be difficult for children and adults alike, as there is not much of them for demography. Although the story comes to an end, with an unexpected twist to some extent, we welcome the story of Lightning McQueen. positive attitude

Owen Wilson is delightfully as lightning McQueen, enough to watch him running in and out of the race track. The rest of the actors expressed by these characters are great for roles, but there is not much to write about, which is generally shown by this film. Sadly, the studio made bold and definitive films to make this road safe in a stereoscopic car world. There are many unanswered questions, for example, how to show, but perhaps better not to expect too much of a series that barely fulfills the promise of being an enjoyable hour, not to mention being an exciting privilege. See this only if you are a fan of the first game. positive attitude

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