Gurgaon Movie Review

Gurgaon Movie Review

Date: One Aziz is kidnapped, running a real estate magnet to illuminate the dark past and find a snake in his family.

Review: Gurgaon begins with a monologue about how to drop our civilized appearance and move on to our true inner monsters. Ironically, the film does not take the jump itself. positive attitude

We enter the universe with Brett (Hanoi), who returns home after receiving education abroad, but quickly casts mundane work for women and serves bachelor’s degree for men at home. Her father, the priest of Singh (Tripati), is a wonderful adventure, which, he believes, his adopted daughter is the source of his wealth. Her brother, Nicky (Oberoi) is a good heir, who depends on cricket dates and dreams of opening his own gym. Nicky loses a big bet and develops a sinister plan to extort money lost from his father. This plan emerges from the rails, drowning in the future and causing dark accidents from his father’s past. knowledge forth

The first feature of Raman Shanker is different from the early Ram Ram Gopal Verma and recently the work of Anurag Kashiap Noires. He works with carefully written characters who have past rich and mature selfish drives. His study of sexual prejudices, pervasive corruption and the value of life in bustling cities is impressive. The central idea is at best not original, but it is clear that Raman intends to investigate more than the result of the kidnapping. However, this never happened. positive attitude

The film sits on despicable characters and (very tolerant) memories of the past past. Raman uses the usual Nuer elements, such as the dreaded background score and minimal dialogue, to annoy you, but have a quality book. The story is surprisingly simple and amazing – this nutrition is very spoonful. He will never recover from the supposed evil of action.  knowledge forth

The artist’s revolution from the point of view of the director’s courage ignites. Tripati plays a wonderful man who caught his ghosts. Obero humanized him both evil and evil. Khan – brave, but annoying with an unequal role and execution. Valsa’s restraint does not allow her character to become a typical big piano like Nirup.

Unlike the city of the same name, Gurgaon is not dirty enough and does not leave you soda for the air. But it provides a temporary taste of the dark side. positive attitude

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