Qaidi Band Movie Review

Qaidi Band Movie Review

Kady’s story: Sanju (Adar Jin) and Pendu (Anya Singh) are a small number of prosecutors (who are awaiting trial for the alleged crime) who refuse to be “founders”. In the absence of a good lawyer and substantial money to support their trial, they are still in prison. Some of these Qaidis found by chance solace in music. Can their spirit and joy liberate them? positive attitude story 

Cady Revision Band: Prisoners who meet to form a group called Celonis become censored. Her popularity is a campaign calling for her release.

Habib Faisal plans to shed light on the social problem (Wanderers’ plight) and music here. His idea is noble, and the subject excerpts are not unknown, but the execution seems naive and dated and the classic case of wishful thinking. The songs are strong indirect, but forget to listen. The good conversion makes the movie unrealistic because you do not feel the characters or their status. positive attitude story 

It also provides you with a crash course in “Wonders”. The word deliberately announced ten times, at least in the first few minutes in a desperate attempt to attract attention.

Unfortunately, I was very concerned about the brilliant eyebrows of the jade and the resemblance of Ranbir’s cousin Kapoor. Although he is confident in himself on the camera, he seems to subconscious Lattakia Ranbir, trying to look, sound and act just like him, and he comes out of his speech.

Newcomer Anya Singh demonstrates a lot of promises, presence and personality. At best, it creates a picnic.

Sachin Bilgunkar is effective as a righteous dictator who claims to be an officer who uses music to correct his vandality. positive attitude story 

In general, the KDE group means and plays well, but lacks the courage and spirit to stir up feelings – rebellious or patriotic.

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